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Section 1 - Defining the Challenge and Proposed Solution 

The Solution Day Ride
(the Socialist Siren Song is interrupted by horse hoofs approaching from a distance as a MinuteMan comes with a warning)
The Socialists Are Here! The Socialists Are Here! Check Your Morals And Hold On To Your Wallet!!!
(horse hoofs and warning fade into the distance, take heed before you are lulled back in as the Socialists refrain "we'll take care of you, healthcare for everyone . . ." :-(

Sorry about the length of this Solution, but ending Socialism Once and for All, does not fit into a 30 second sound bite. It will be worth the read if you value Freedom.
This problem is key to almost every problem in America today. Almost every problem is made worse by having to work about 3.5 hours a day before your Labor starts going to you and your family. Since Taxes must be paid regardless of your other bills, those who receive Government Handouts get first claim on your Labor, before you and your family eat. The only way this Solution will fail, is if The People are unwilling to claim their 13th Amendment Right.

Problem Clarified:
Conservatives need to stop wasting energy trying to put out all the fires the Liberals start every time they come up with new Government Programs which force their ideas down our throats. Conservatives need to stand on principal, and go directly to the root of the problem, the violation of the Taxpayer's unalienable 13th Amendment Right. 

Due to the lack of education from our mostly Socialist Teachers, most people don't understand that all wealth is actually Labor in a Stored Format, therefore; they do not understand that by voting for Government Social/Welfare/Handout Programs, they are violating their neighbors right against Involuntary Servitude. They do not see that a Wealth Transfer Program is the same as a Labor Transfer Program. This is why very few people know that all Socialism violates the 13th Amendment by it forcing one person to work for another. The "Social Safety Net", is actually a Socialist Slavery Net, catching up the labor of people who produce, whether they like it or not.

If you think that some Welfare Programs are OK, but others should be eliminated, then you are advocating for your fellow Citizens to be put under the chains of Involuntary Servitude for this Handout Program, but not for that Program. Once you submit to even one Government Social/Welfare/Healthcare/Handout Program, you have begun down the Slippery Slope of Socialism. Socialism is the Elephant in the room that even the Elephants/Republicans won't acknowledge. Why should they stand up for our Rights if we won't stand up for our Rights? By the time you finish reading this Solution, you will better understand the scope of this problem, and how to solve it.

It is a fact that all Government Social/Welfare/Healthcare/Handout Programs violate the unalienable God given Right against Involuntary Servitude. The Right against Involuntary Servitude is properly declared in the 13th Amendment.

Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865. The 13th Amendment is simple to understand and reads as follows:

1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 

2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The exception to have Involuntary Servitude as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, means you cannot be put into Involuntary Servitude unless it can be shown that you personally have done something wrong, such as failure to fulfill a contract, having to pay a fine or serve time in prison. In other words, your protection against Involuntary Servitude is so strong, that before you can be made to suffer it, you must be given your Due Process in a Court of Law. Socialism puts people under the Chains of Involuntary Servitude whether they have committed a crime or not, and without giving them their Due Process.

The Unavoidable Social Problems Caused by Socialism:
Socialism is at the root of our Social Decay.

Americans will have more Respect and less Contempt for each other when they realize each of us has the Right not to be made into Someone Else's Servant. You are more likely to be polite to your neighbor, if you might need his help someday. This will lead to less crime.

Americans will be more humble when they realize, none of us has the right make someone else pay our bills. This will lead to less crime. Try to imagine a humble person criminally violating some one else's Rights.

Socialist Programs spread misery around by FORCING one American to suffer the consequences of another American's choices. Americans will sense, and actually have, more control over their own Destiny when they are not being FORCED to suffer the choices of others. This will lead to more people being optimistic in the value of trying to succeed, the result will be more success. It will also lead to people realizing the benefit of making good choices, like finishing school.

It is one thing for people to make mistakes and humbly ask for help from people who are giving it voluntarily, but by putting the Taxpayer in a position having to provide help no matter how many bad choices are made, Socialism effectively pays people for making immoral choices. Why work hard if you can get other people to buy your food, give you a place to live and pay for your healthcare? What is the point of being the moral person who tries hard, if you end up being the sap that other people use to be lazy/immoral? It is the smarter people who more easily see the discouraging servitude put on them under Socialism, this causes many of them to give up. We all benefit when these people are productive, not idle. Only a sense of moral duty would get someone to work under these conditions, and yet, the Socialist Teachers teach that morals are relative, i.e. don't really matter. It appears that something in the Socialist mind, does not grasp the concept of self defeating behavior.

Socialists try to use morals to eliminate people's need by guilting people into voting for Socialism, but this will always fail because morals will end up getting ignored, due to Human Nature Tendencies of Laziness and Irresponsibility, causing enough people to quit working hard such that there will not be enough to go around.

It is better to have need cause people to be moral (hard working and responsible), than to use morals to try and eliminate people's need, because nobody's Right is violated by somebody having to carry Their Own Weight.

Nothing is being done TO the Needy person who does not receive help, but something is being done TO the person who is FORCED to Serve others. If you got as sad of a feeling when you read "Nothing is being done TO the Needy person who does not receive help", as I did when I wrote it, then you felt the thing inside you most of us have, which will make sure these people get the help they need, Voluntarily. This is the thing our Founders counted on when they created a Free Country with Limited Government.

Basics - Due to the lack of Education by our Socialist Teachers, many people may need the following information:
We do not live in a Democracy where the Majority can rule the Minority however they please. The Constitution states, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government . . .". America is a Constitutional Republic. This means that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and the Public Officials/Politicians, also known as Representatives - hence Republic, must take an oath to uphold the Constitution - the law - before they can hold Public Office. The Constitution puts limitations on what our Politicians can do, and this keeps important rights from being violated by both Politicians and Voters, such as taking away the right of free speech. To put it another way, the Constitution makes it illegal for Politicians and Voters to vote for things which violate your unalienable God given Rights. In a Democracy, a Majority could legally vote for anything, such as Slavery, and the Minority would be stuck with it. This is why many people have called Democracies - Evil.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were designed with Human Nature in mind. Human Nature has not changed, which is why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are as relevant today as they were when created.
The Constitution is an Iron Clad Contract between We The People and Government, which has been paid for in blood. All power comes from the people. We surrender a piece of that power to a Public Official/Politician only after they have taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution.

When you hear that the U.S. Constitution is living and breathing, Watch Out, this is probably being said by someone who is trying to take your freedom by making the Constitution say what they want it to say. The Constitution only changes if it has been changed by an Amendment, otherwise; it means today what it meant when it was written. The Rules Governing our Lives are supposed to be something we can count on.

I believe that there are many Public Officials who have never read the Constitution they swore an Oath to uphold, which puts them in violation of their Oath by default. This should be corrected by requiring Public Officials to pass a Constitution knowledge test before taking their Oath. An interim step would be to have all current Public Officials take a Constitution knowledge test, and remove from power anybody who failed it, until they pass.

Government was formed for the protection of your already existing God Given Rights and for the protection of your Property. This means that Government is supposed keep people from Doing Something To You, not Make You Do Something For Somebody Else - Involuntary Servitude. How can the protection of your Rights include making you a Slave of somebody else? The 13th Amendment properly declares that you have a God given Right not to be a Slave, and a Right not to be put into Involuntary Servitude. The Government is supposed to Protect your Rights and Property, not Provide your Rights and Property. Government Providing for you would require making someone else into your Servant, this would be immoral.

If you don't claim your 13th Amendment constitutional protection against Socialism:
Politicians will continue to use handout programs in order to bribe Voters to vote for them.
Politicians will continue to cruelly use the needy as a political football.
Control freak Liberals will use "compassion" as an excuse to force their ideas down your throat.
The Welfare State will increase beyond the capability of productive people to support it.

Everybody is already suffering because the current level of Socialism is causing the Economy to be near the edge of recession, so something like an increase in gasoline prices causes a problem somewhere else, like mortgages to fail. The Economy is not robust, this is because of Socialism. This is no way to have an economy which provides excellent opportunity or is able to support a war. Under Socialism, it is hard to give to charities and be involved in Government, because you a spending most of your time trying to keep food on the table and the lights on. This causes people to be lulled into Socialism and its false promises, because they want them to be true.

The same Tendencies of Laziness and Irresponsibility which cause Socialism to be voted for in the first place, will also cause the situation to spiral down until the Economy collapses, as more and more people give up and choose to just get by, or get on the dole.
If we have another Great Depression, this time it will be with a populace where many people think they are owed the necessities of life, they have been taught this by the Welfare State. There is a chance that the malaise which results will cause the country to lose its current form of Government, and in panic, the result will be Government which is far worse than the current system.

Fact: The only way a Government can sign up a group of people, such as Taxpayers, to pay the bills of another group of people, such as the needy, is for the Government to assume that they have the authority to make one person Involuntarily Serve another. Also, since all power comes from the people, the only way a majority can vote for a group of people, such as Taxpayers, to pay the bills of another group of people, such as the Needy, is for the people to assume that they have the authority to make one person Involuntarily Serve another. The 13th Amendment specifies that the Government does not have this power, therefore; the people don't have this power. Just like the 1st Amendment makes it illegal for Politicians to make laws against protesting the war and disallows Voters from voting for laws which would make protesting the war illegal, the 13th Amendment makes any Involuntary Servitude illegal even if the Politicians or voters want it. Any Government Program which is designed to cause one person to Involuntarily Server another, is unconstitutional. This means that all Wealth Transfer Programs are illegal. An interesting thing about your Constitutional rights is, you don't have them unless you claim them. Have you ever heard of someone claiming their 13th Amendment Right and demanding that all Government Social/Welfare/Handout Programs be eliminated? Maybe people are afraid to stand on principal, maybe they just don't know their 13th Amendment Right as well as they know their 1st Amendment Right. Regardless of the reason, this thing has gone on too long. It is time to take away from the Politicians, the ability to bribe people for votes by leveraging the future Labor of Taxpayers.

Communism proved that a person's labor actually belongs to the Individual, whether the Government likes it or not. The Communist Government could force people to go to work, but they still couldn't get production where it needed to be. As one of the Russian people said to my mother when we visited in 1972 "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work." People who are pretending to work will not produce enough for themselves, let alone others.
The 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the united States also informs us that each person's labor actually belongs to that Individual by forbidding Involuntary Servitude unless you are first convicted of a crime by due process. This means you cannot be made to surrender your Labor/Wealth to someone else unless it can be shown that you in fact personally owe it to them, such as failure to fulfill a contract or having to pay a fine.
It is one thing for Government to collect taxes and make you pay Your Tab for Military - Fireman - Police - Judges in order to protect your rights and property from being violated by others, but it is quite another thing for Government to make you pay Someone Else's Bills. As per the 13th Amendment, being made to work for somebody else via Taxes and Government Handouts, is something the Government is supposed to be protecting us from, not doing to us.

The Solution:
Socialism can be defeated the in the same way Amnesty was defeated, but more easily because the 13th Amendment forbids Socialism. A group of people need to get together and demand their 13th Amendment Rights. This group needs to be large enough such that the Government cannot ignore them. Once Government Officials are informed that the Servitude caused by Government Handout Programs, is in fact Involuntary, it becomes their duty to dismantle the Welfare State, or face removal from office for violating their Oath to uphold the Constitution. Just like the rape victim is the one who says whether or not they are willing, any given taxpayer is the person who can say whether or not they are being economically raped.
Also, the public at large should be informed of their 13th Amendment Right, how it is being violated, and how to claim it.
One of the ways this can be done, is to run as a Candidate. Don't worry about winning the election, concentrate on an ad campaign which informs and educates people. As a candidate, your radio ads cannot be refused by the radio station not agreeing with your stance on the 13th Amendment.

Key Points to make when discussing your 13th Amendment Right:
Government Handout Programs have been unconstitutional from the start because they put the Taxpayer in a position of Involuntary Servitude, a violation of the 13th Amendment.
That this has recently come to light because of Solutions Day.

Explain how unbreakable laws of economics, which make Socialism fail every time it is tried, dictate the following:
- When you tax something, you will get less of it ~ taxing work = more poverty.
- When you fund something, you will get more of it ~ paying people to be poor = more poverty.
Government programs, which transfer wealth, stupidly do both of the above at the same time, and are, therefore; actually a War on Prosperity, not a War on Poverty.

Provoke thought by asking:
Who is greedier;
productive people who don't want to be forced to Involuntarily Serve wasteful Government Handout/Election Schemes,
Socialists who want to take the fruit of other peoples Labor and spend it as they see fit?
Then state that a system where one group of people can look at another group and vote to take their property, is based in Envy, Coveting and Greed.

Clarify where the middle is concerning the topic of Helping Others:
Liberals feel that life is a lottery, and that the winners of life's lottery must be FORCED to help the losers via Taxes and Government Handout Programs. Unfortunately, this plays into the Human Nature Tendencies of Laziness and Irresponsibility, which causes more poverty.
Conservatives think that everyone can be successful, that each person must overcome the obstacles in his or her particular life in order to be successful. Since necessity is the Mother of Invention, giving somebody a handout steals the incentive they need to find the solutions for their life. The Conservative view counteracts human nature tendencies of Laziness and Irresponsibility.
So; Left of Center would be to force some people to help others via Government Programs, Right of Center would be to make some or all charity illegal. The middle would be FREEDOM to choose when and how much to help others, either directly or by giving to charity.
Reiterate that currently, the U.S. Government is engaged in Left Wing Extremism by FORCING Taxpayers to Involuntarily Serve others via Government Social Programs and the resulting higher Taxes.

Explain that there are at least 4 ways to help the Needy:
Friends, Family, Private Charities and Government Programs. Only Government Social/Welfare/Handout Programs violate the 13th Amendment by putting people in a position of Involuntary Servitude. No need to do that when there are at least 3 other ways to help people which are a form of Voluntary Servitude because giving is a matter of free choice.

Suggest how the Welfare System can be eliminated without panic:
We can get out of the Welfare mess the same way we got into it, one case at a time. The President could announce the above information, and then state that nobody new would be allowed on any Government Handout Program and, as people currently on the system became ineligible, the system will shrink and disappear.

Problem solved:
The immediate relief from future Government Program increases will cause the market, which operates on projections, to spike up. Also, people will actually feel like they are living in a free country, and at the same time, they will feel more responsible toward their fellow citizen and for themselves. Since wealth is actually labor in a stored format, and many more people will once again see the point in going to work, there will soon be enough Government Revenues to pay down the remaining debt. The resulting wealth for everybody will cause jobs to be plentiful, and charities to be less needed yet fully funded.

Right now you might be asking:
If all you have to do is demand your 13th Amendment Right in order to stop the Socialist JuggerNaught, why hasn't it been done before now?
The answer is four fold:

a) Have you ever heard that the Constitution protects people from being put into Involuntary Servitude, and that Socialism violates this right? I suspect you answered no. Many people have no idea that eliminating Socialism is as legal and constitutionally protected as the 5th Amendment Right to remain silent.

b) Of the few people who have heard this idea, many think that if it was true, it would already have been done, so they don't believe it and do nothing.

c) People, like me, who know the argument is solid and are ready to do something about it, don't trust that our Government Officials will actually live up to their Oath of Office. I am trying to figure out a way to inform enough people so that Government Officials cannot fail their duty, or if they do, they will be removed for violating their Oath of Office.
We do not have to wait for Elected Officials to get on board in order to solve this, we can make them get on board because the law is on our side. If you kick out 1 or 2 Politicians for violating their Oath of Office, the rest will take their oaths seriously.

d) People who like or don't care that you, I and our children have been made into Slaves by the Welfare State. They will cloud this issue by attacking the messenger, or justifying the Welfare State.


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